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Inflatable Kayaking Around Comino

How well have you explored the country that you live in? For many of us, we live in a place and we take it for granted, and we only explore

Walking Around The Coast Of Malta

At times we have to make the most of what we have in front of us rather than dreaming of faraway places. Despite living on a rather small rock that

I Had To Climb Down This

Excuse my grunting and heavy breathing, the camera was in my mouth; I had also walked over 70km in 38 hours in near 30 degree heat at this point in


I celebrated turning thirty in a grass skirt with a never ending cup of rum punch in my hand, doing my best to pretend I was as spritely as I

Eleven Years

Eleven years ago, almost to the day, I left England for the first extended period of my life. I was eighteen years old, my hair was dyed electric-blue-black, and there

Jumping Crocodiles

[yo-widget href=""] Since arriving in Darwin, I have become aware of the incredible power of crocodiles and that they truly must be the most fearsome beasts on this planet. I


Trolltunga, meaning Troll's Tongue is a rock in Norway that juts out from a cliff face, seven hundred metres above the lake below and has been that way for around

Cat Trapping

I would like to introduce you to someone. This is Mr. Cat. Mr. Cat is the farm cat in Norway, where I spent one month living, boat building, and planting

Separate Tracks

This is the third and final episode in a three part series by Emily Dobbins-Dale, documenting my hitchhiking journey from Hungary through Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania, before finally parting

The Funeral

I don't like funerals. I never have. Although when I actually think about it, I don't suppose anyone really enjoys funerals. Least of all the instigator of festivities. After several

Night Rafting

Jamie originally thought of titling this post, 'Rafting Under Stars with Wine,' but shortly afterwards, he had the niggling notion that 'Night Rafting' seemed to be a somewhat more respectable

Pretty Pumped

'Jamie's Big Adventure' is a video produced by Paul Blatch to showcase the highs and lows of our cycling adventure from the UK to Slovakia. Where there is good, there


Following on from Pedal (our cycling movie), Emily Dobbins-Dale has once again demonstrated her wonderful video editing skills by creating Paddle; the short film showing our (pirate) rafting adventure on


'Pedal' is the brilliant short film created by Emily Dobbins-Dale using footage shot during our 1,600 km bicycle ride from the UK to Slovakia on £30 bicycles. The video features myself,


As dark creeps in around you, the question arises about when to stop for the night. At what point is it no longer worth trying to hitch-hike because sleep becomes


I love you, she told him. I always will, he replied. Passion. /ˈpaʃ(ə)n/ noun [mass noun] strong and barely controllable emotion. [in singular] an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. Origin: Middle English: