When Life Throws You An Erupting Volcano

Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball. Other times, it throws you an erupting volcano that you were about to climb. Not only this, but the airport that you were due to fly to after working in Australia for nine months is suddenly closed because of this erupting volcano and you have to pay over AU$500 to fly somewhere completely different. That’s exactly what happened to myself, Leah, and our friend Hayley.

Despite this, we left Darwin, our home for four months, and jetted into Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, to explore a little. We very nearly missed the flight and we spent a lot of time sitting on public transport, but we were happy to finally visit somewhere new.

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Video description from Youtube:

After rolling burritos for three months in Darwin (Australia), I was very happy to leave with the intention of heading to Lombok (Indonesia) where I would climb a volcano, Mount Rinjani. Unfortunately, the volcano had other ideas and it started erupting, causing an impromptu (and very expensive) change of plans. Thus I traded burritos for Java instead. We flew into Jakarta then headed to Yogyakarta before heading further east towards Bali.

Whilst the main focus of my site is accessible, outdoor adventures, due to popular requests, I will also be sharing general updates, such as this one, which is very much more a holiday. It is a little view into what goes on in other parts of the world when you don’t quite know what you’re doing. Sometimes you lose bags, sometimes you miss trains, and sometimes you have to sit on a bus for 21 hours.

This was also a good opportunity for me to practice playing with videos as I haven’t had a computer capable of editing for the past few years.

The girl who lost the bag is Hayley, a good friend of mine. The red headed girl who had her bag lost is Leah, my girlfriend. You can read more from her at www.thevegetariantraveller.com

The second part of this video, Bali Minus Bintang, can be viewed here, https://youtu.be/RpgzN2O79EE

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