This Water Will Not Kill You

Every time I wanted to go swimming in Darwin (Australia), I had to remind myself that the seas were home to sharks, jellyfish, sea snakes, and most importantly, might also house saltwater crocodiles. There is even a type of snail that can kill you – the cone snail. It had been nine months of living by dangerous waters or in the deserts of Australia, and I had been desperate to find my way to a beach where I could swim without fear of being killed by the nasties in the water. Finally I made it to some very pretty places in Indonesia. There is something about living by the beach that I love. It is made so much better by snorkelling, bright fish, turtles, paddleboards, and attempts at surfing.

This video was filmed on Gili Air and Lombok, Indonesia.

– The first part of this journey from Australia to Indonesia is showcased in Burritos for Java.
– The second part of this journey through Indonesia is showcased in Bali Minus Bintang.

Video featuring:
Leah, The Vegetarian Traveller.

‘I dunno’ by Grapes ft. J Lang, Morusque (CC license).

This video was filmed using a GoPro 4+ Black, FY-G4, and a dome housing (not all at the same time).

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