Inflatable Kayaking Around Comino

How well have you explored the country that you live in? For many of us, we live in a place and we take it for granted, and we only explore when we go somewhere new. Only when visitors come to us do we take the time to explore more of our home. Having lived in Malta for close to two years, I am now trying to explore as much of it as possible as I spent a lot of time being very complacent whilst living here.

My friend, Paul, and I, recently decided to kayak around Comino one weekend to make it more memorable than most. Forgetting to plug the drainage hole at the bottom of the inflatable kayak and not fitting the fin (which gives the kayak stability in the water) made it a little more challenging than expected, particularly when the wind picked up on the far side of Comino and we had some small chop to deal with. A couple of weekends before this, I decided to walk around the coast of Malta, which was quite an experience, and this was a little experiment to see if I might be able to kayak around the whole island in my inflatable kayak. The conclusion? Probably not in a very enjoyable way.

Paddling in an inflatable kayak (which is slowly deflating due to a hole I can’t find) is more tricky than I expected and there are many kilometres of cliffs which would not permit landing for many hours, thus it could also be a little dangerous. It’s not off my to-do list, but it’s become more of an ‘I might try it later’ idea.

If anyone else has visited Malta, what else can I do here? What can you do to explore where you live?

Watch my video walking around the coast of Malta here.

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