jamie-drinking-tea-circle-profile-pictureHello, I'm Jamie. Despite a conventional education and upbringing, I now travel, explore, and work all over the world, following my fast changing passions to live the unconventional life that I want to live. On this site I share stories of my adventures and offer advice based upon my experiences so that you can do the same. The focus of the site is 'accessible adventure', promoting the idea that anyone can have an adventure irregardless of their fears, finances, or experience. Read more about me and my story.

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Go Big Or Go Home

When I was a child, I loved animals and was excited to go new places in the world. I read a story about a…

Books I Have Written

The Avant-Garde Life

the-avant-garde-life-square Everything your parents told you not to do: Disregarding society in the quest for sustainable adventure. 20,000+ free downloads and counting, this might be the kick up the bum you need to explore the world.

The Boy Who Was Afraid Of The World

the-boy-who-was-afraid-of-the-world-square A true story of fear and hitchhiking: This is real life, and sometimes real life is big and scary. This is my first 'big' adventure and deals with fears, finances, and the thrill of the road.

Across The Moon

across-the-moon-square Two unprepared brothers traverse Iceland on foot. We had never walked more than 10 miles, but powered by belief, we went to Iceland and walked across the country. As expected, things didn't quite go to plan.

Some Of My Adventures

An adventure is anything that is new in your life. This page of adventures is a collection of bigger journeys and experiences that I have had over the past few years. If you want to read about small, regular adventures and updates, please check out the adventure blog.