Finally, I Have Published a Second Book

After publishing The Boy Who Was Afraid of the World, I said (to myself) that I would work hard to publish another book within twelve months. Hopefully two. But time flew by and seventeen months down the line, I didn’t have a new book to offer you. Until now.

Recounting the story of my brother and I traversing Iceland on foot, I have now published Across the Moon. Here is the blurb.

“Guided tours, luxury hotels, technology that tethers us to society at all times of day. As people, we have become swaddled infants, overprotected and under-pushed, living inside a bureaucratic temple of paper forms. We are capable of climbing great mountains, of walking great distances, of surviving many days without takeaway food or a shiny kitchen, yet we praise ourselves for an hour in the gym or a short run. ‘Well done,’ we say smugly, before taking a hot shower and drying off with a clean towel. Then we sit inside, turn on the television, and wait for tomorrow’s sweat. We have forgotten what it feels like to enter nature, walk in the rain without an umbrella, and sleep beneath the stars. The world is the most beautiful of places and waits for us with open arms, breathing awe and joy into all those who dare to embrace it.”

Faced with the question of what to do with his life, Jamie decided to break it down into something more manageable and instead, asked himself, ‘What do I want to do next with my life?’ The answer was to walk across Iceland.

A journey of dreams and a comedy of errors, two unprepared brothers from a small village in rural England decide that for the first extended walk of their lives, they will attempt to cross a whole country on foot. Starting their journey simply by following a compass north, they soon encounter erupting volcanoes, glacial rivers, and a moonscape like no other. This is a story of wind, of walking, and of being a brother.

Surviving is easy. It’s living that is the difficult bit.

You can get hold of the book on Amazon (no, you don’t need a kindle for the ebook – it can be read on any device) and I have posted some links below. I hope you like it!

Across the Moon on Amazon UK:
Across the Moon on Amazon US:
Across the Moon on Amazon Canada:
Across the Moon on Amazon Australia:

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