When In Rome Get A Bicycle And Don’t Drink The Tap Water

Our welcome sign

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Leah’s family to Europe, all the way from Detroit. Their first stop? Malta, our new home. As expected, Detroit to Malta is not a major route and it took them four flights over many hours to get here.

As they had spent so long on aeroplanes already, we bundled them onto another aeroplane and headed to Rome.

Rome Advice 1: Get A Bicycle

For the first day we walked all over the city and it was lovely – but quite tiring. On the second day, we got bicycles and it was still lovely, much less tiring, and we were able to see many more places. If you go to Rome, I advise getting hold of a bicycle as it is a great way to see and explore the city. Rome was, to my pleasant surprise, not too busy and very easy to cycle. Here is some stuff from Rome.

The Vatican: This is pretty much the whole country – it’s that small.

We were all smiles once we got bicycles.

This is a weird, sloping spiral staircase that I rather like.

The Forum – worth a wander.

The Colosseum – this photo doesn’t do it justice.

Some more old stuff… and a building.

I don’t go to church, except to admire the architecture. This is St Peter’s and it is rather impressive.

Rome Advice 2: Don’t Drink The Tap Water

Whilst in Rome, I drank the tap water. When we returned to Malta, I felt horribly ill for several days and soon struggled to eat or drink (even water). I ended up going to hospital back in Malta where I ingested three bags of liquid (one saline solution and two others with contents unknown to me). I would advise not drinking the tap water because this was very not fun. Whilst it’s great to visit new places, visiting hospitals is not so great. [On that note, if you’re hitting the road anytime soon, read my notes on travel insurance.]

Holiday Snap: This is me getting a drip.

Back To Malta

After a lovely few days, we came back to Malta to explore and headed to Gozo. I’ll be sharing more on Malta soon.

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