Iceland, My Brother And I Are Coming For You

Like two unprepared fools, my brother and I are attempting to cross Iceland on foot, coast to coast. We have no map, no idea quite where we’re going, but we do have 100,000 calories of food, a couple of cameras, and two flights to Iceland. We also expect to eat three chocolate bars a day. Each.

This is a long time dream of mine that I am finally making happen, as well as a real adventure for the both of us, venturing to places that we have never been before. During this journey, we expect to see almost no one for several weeks as we will be crossing the uninhabited centre of Iceland, hence the vast amounts of food that we must carry upon our backs.

As we will be disconnected from the internet, it is unlikely that there will be blog posts, but we aim to keep people updated through social media (depending on the effectiveness of our solar panel) – please follow updates on the GBSW Facebook page and Twitter account. If you are interested in hearing about video productions and extended pieces of writing from this journey, please register for email updates and I will ensure that you are the first to know.

This journey starts on the 11th August, 2014, as we depart the UK just after lunch. We anticipate that it will take around a month.

Iceland, we’re coming for you.

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  1. M. 11/08/2014 at 14:17 - Reply

    Been following your blog a while and this further trip of yours sounds something worth keeping updated on! Be ready for particularly nasty weather quite often and definitely check the information about places you head to before going there (locals are a little bit pissed off now about shitloads of travelers/tourists that hike and climb even very dangerous places without previous knowledge of is it ok to go there and then need to be rescued)

    [In case you happen to appear on Fellsstrond peninsula (for reasons very unknown to me some tourists/travelers do come here),I am internship-ing in a hotel in total middle of nowhere and am allowed to host guests in staff-house. ]

    Have fun!

    • Jamie 25/08/2014 at 09:42 - Reply

      The weather was an absolute monster at points during our trip – howling winds and freezing temperatures – although we were lucky to have no precipitation on over 80% of our days in Iceland. I would have loved to visit the quiet little peninsula you are on, but already we have headed out in need of rest and warmth – thank you for the offer though, I really do appreciate it and would have visited if I weren’t so tired after my walk.

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