Cat Trapping

I would like to introduce you to someone. This is Mr. Cat.

IMG_9168 (1)Mr. Cat is the farm cat in Norway, where I spent one month living, boat building, and planting raspberries. Mr. Cat is very old and has very few teeth and no claws. Once upon a time, Mr. Cat was the king of the cats around the farm, but nowadays, due to his failing body, he is no longer king. But he forgets this and engages in tussles with younger cats who try to steal his throne.

His arch nemesis is named the Ginger Ghost. He is lean and mean, and beats the life out of Mr. Cat twice a week. Mr. Cat’s bloody ear was constantly so close to coming off, that he put me off food every time he appeared at the dinner table. I don’t know how it managed to not fall off during my time in Norway.

Thus we had to resolve this problem immediately. As I am not keen on the shotgun approach, we decided to trap the Ginger Ghost and then release him far away. Thus we made cat traps. The main image of this post is the cat trap made by my friend. He caught Mr. Cat’s girlfriend. Twice. She was not best pleased.

This is my cat trap…

Sea Gypsies 002

Sea Gypsies 003

Sadly, despite luring cats in on several occasions, I caught nothing. I am not a good cat trapper.

As I left Norway, Mr. Cat went on getting beaten up, Mrs. Cat kept getting caught, and the Ginger Ghost was as mean as ever.

Ridiculous cat politics.

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