Malta’s Azure Window Has Collapsed

The Azure Window on Gozo, one of Malta’s most notorious natural landmarks and site of the Dothraki wedding in Game of Thrones (season one), collapsed this morning. As a new resident of Malta, I loved this incredible rock and I am gutted that it is no more.

Known locally as Dwejra Window, it was battered by gale force winds last night (as was my poor little orange tree) and collapsed around 9h40 this morning. Here is a little ‘before and after the collapse’ video of The Azure Window:

I was looking forward to taking my family here next week after visiting with Leah’s family just two weeks before, but when I was walking home today I got a text saying that The Azure Window had collapsed into the sea. ‘Very funny’, I replied, not believing the message to be true. Sadly it was / is true and that wonderful arch is no more. Here is some footage of The Azure Window before its collapse (and some other places) during my first day exploring the island of Gozo:

Farewell, lovely rock, you will be missed.

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