Famous in Hungary

“Are those they guys from the paper?” a guy asked as we sat down for a beer in a small town outside Budapest.

Photo above is three of the four ‘Pirates’ in a Hungarian school (my beard now makes me look older than the students)

I’m rather bending the truth when I claim that we’re famous in Hungary (for all the wrong reasons), but in the last few days, due to both rafting the Danube and being arrested, we have created some media attention. Because of this, several people approached us while we were dismantling the raft and offered us their condolences or a few words of support. We are grateful for this. I even received an email all the way from Romania from someone who had read the article (Levi, if you’re reading this, email me again because the email address you entered didn’t work when I tried to email you back). And now several thousand Hungarians have logged on to this website to read about our unfortunate journey (hi, thanks for stopping by).

Through the help of a friend, we learnt that a civilian tipped off the police as to our antics, allowing them to come and arrest us. In one article, we are referenced as hippies. I have no idea where the information comes from, but we have now been referenced in a large online newspaper, a Facebook group with several thousand followers (and lots of Hungarian debating about us), the national Hungarian police website, and a gossip newspaper. Funnily enough, several of the photos are taken by the police. Then we went and met some kids in the local school and told them about our journey. They were quite intrigued.

Check out the Hungarian coverage below:

Index.hu online article which told the story of how someone tipped off the police about us.

Maradjanak a FÁK a Rómain FaceBook group which shared news of us and pictures.

We also made into quite a large Hungarian gossip newspaper, however we didn’t manage to get hold of a copy of it (please send me a picture if you have a copy).

Police.hu article about four foreigners on a raft (Hungarian national police)

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    There’s no such thing as bad publicity!

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