Hitchhiking 24 Countries

Life is a great adventure. In 2012, I was an English teacher in South Korea. I stopped teaching English and told my friends that I was going to hitchhike around Europe. I was told that I was crazy and at the very least, I would be robbed and molested. I travelled nearly 23,000 km (over 14,000 miles) across 24 countries. I didn’t get abducted, molested, or robbed. Not even once.

It was only the third time I had ever tried hitching (once to Morocco when I was 19 and once to France when I was 23). What I deduced from hitchhiking through Europe is that the world is a rather wonderful place and so are the people in it. I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life and found memories of places and people that will stay with me forever. If you want to read the whole story, you can do so on the No Plans, Just Life page. Alternatively, you can find links to where I slept each night, a map of the route I took, a list of who picked me up, and most importantly, the blog entries about my journey.


During my journey, I made a short video of some of the places that I slept. The music is rather slow. Apologies for that.

Here is my latest video. You should probably go to the No Plans Just Life page.

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