I Had To Climb Down This

Excuse my grunting and heavy breathing, the camera was in my mouth; I had also walked over 70km in 38 hours in near 30 degree heat at this point in my journey whilst carrying a fully loaded backpack. I was absolutely exhausted. This video is part of a journey I just completed, walking around Malta: 100km in 50 hours.

The back story: Approaching Gnejna Bay during my walk around Malta, I thought I was away from any cliff risk as I had passed the huge cliffs of Dingli, however I found my path blocked by a private property sign. Avoiding the property (although I like to think open land should be free for all, but that’s a topic for another day) I went through some pretty tough terrain until I found myself clambering down this crumbling slope. It’s hard to get a concept of what it’s like in real life, but I was rather uncomfortable as I descended towards sea level with my back back strapped upon my back. This is the unedited video of my descent.

As a personal note, there is one thing I always take with me on my travels, just in case… travel insurance. After breaking my back in a skiing accident, I would never want to go anywhere without it. In truth, my phone had died and no one was nearby, so I’m not sure who would have been around to call for help!

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