Jeju Fire Festival 2014

Officially named Jeju Field Burning Festival, this was every pyromaniac’s fantasy: large volumes of fireworks being launched into the air, followed by setting a whole orum (volcanic mound) alight. As a child who repeatedly had candles taken away from him, it was a place I was very happy to be. Supposedly this was a ceremony to pray for health and a good harvest in the coming year.

On an extremely windy day, I arrived late to find cars queueing along the side of the motorway as they battled to reach the festival grounds. Along the side of the roads, signage and decorations proudly announced the festival.

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 18

At the back of the festival grounds, food and drink was served.

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 01

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 02

Some of it looked more delicious than other. These are crustaceans that you suck out of their shell.

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 04

While we were messing around at the food stands, the fireworks started.

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 05

Like a child, I was excited. Particularly when the orum was set on fire. There was so much fire.

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 06

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 09

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 10

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 13

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 14

Jeju Fire Festival

In chilling winds, we ran to the front to try and warm ourselves on the flames.

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 21

Wary of the flames spreading, firefighters sprayed water onto the flames. Did no-one tell them it was a fire festival?

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 17

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 22

Then we all danced.

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 23

Jeju Fire Festival (2014) 24

While I greatly enjoyed myself for a couple of minutes, I can’t help but feel setting things on fire is not particularly conducive to good harvest or health: they burnt the crops and choked people with smoke.

As there was lots of pretty fire, it was fine by me.

Photos by Leah, The Vegetarian Traveller.

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  1. Marcello Arrambide 11/04/2014 at 06:22 - Reply

    This is the first time I heard of such a festival. Definitely a pyromaniac’s dream come true! 😀 From the looks of it, it seems really fun.

  2. Agness 02/04/2014 at 00:27 - Reply

    Wow, this looks insane. How come I’ve never heard of this festival before? Spectacular view and look at these people – they are having a great fun together! The cold does not stop anyone from dancing and taking photos!

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