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On three of my four previous visits to one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, it has rained heavily and been largely overcast. This brief foray to Scotland’s capital was no exception. It was a time of reunion for Leah, Patrick, and I, who hadn’t been together since we had our pirate adventure, ultimately ending in arrest in Budapest.

With its archaic streets and interesting architecture, I have always found Edinburgh to be a very pretty city, a place that I enjoy walking through. As someone who loathes the bustle of cities, I rarely say such things.

Edinburgh Snap Shots 000

Edinburgh Snap Shots 003Drawn to the outside as we three always are, we headed out to Arthur’s Seat, a short walk to a place that offers the best views of the city. It’s rare to find such a hill so close to an urban area and reminds me a little of the hill in Montreal.

Alas, with the typical Scottish weather out to play, views varied from seeing very little, to seeing nothing much at all.

Edinburgh Snap Shots 004

Edinburgh Snap Shots 008

Edinburgh Snap Shots 005

Outside the city, we found hills and cows that didn’t want to be hugged.


Edinburgh Snap Shots 020When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Scotland… do as the Scots do?

Here are a few more snapshots from a couple of days in Edinburgh. No special sites, no amazing buildings, just some things that we found outside during the brief hours it wasn’t raining too heavily.

It rained an awful lot.

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