Our Raft Reaches Asia

After dismantling our raft, we floated parts of it down the river in the hope that they would traverse the length of the Danube without us. However, I cannot be sure of how far these remnants of our home have now travelled.

Recently I was approached by South East Asia Backpacker magazine to write about our journey (both cycling from the UK to Slovakia and rafting the Danube) and to offer some hitchhiking advice in a feature titled, Transport: South East Asia by any means. While my journeys are nothing to do with South East Asia, they were interested in sharing them anyway.

After researching the magazine and reading through some copies, I liked what I saw and shared my story… So now I can say that our raft reached Asia, right?!

SEA Backpacker magazine kindly allowed me to include the articles below (click the image to make it bigger), but if you want to read the rest of the magazine, you can download it from here (the article I wrote is in issue 27). The magazine is a fun, easy read and the people I’ve spoken with were super friendly. I hope that you find something you like.

Article Transport

Article Transport2

Click here to download the SEA Backpacker Magazine, issue 27.

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