Write Your Own Obituary

Take a pen and paper, then divide it into three columns. In each of the three columns, do the following:
– In the first column, write your obituary if you continue on your current path in life.
– In the second column, write your obituary if you make a drastic change to your current life, leaping for something (anything that you desire), and everything goes horribly wrong.
– In the third column, write your obituary the same as the second (where you make a change hoping for better), except that everything goes drastically well.


Whichever option is worst, stay away from that one. Far, far way.

I found this little thought experiment quite revealing and it has helped me with decision making in my life and to better myself. I hope that you too, find it useful. [It is not meant to be disturbing in any way – instead, it offers an insight into what we want for ourselves]

We all make mistakes, we all get into better and worse situations. I think the key is to not regret not trying and to look to the future. We must all try to make a future that we are happy with, no matter whether we are seventeen or one hundred and seventeen.

Life is never a safe bet and sometimes you have to make a little leap of faith. What do you really want right nowWhat next?

These questions do not have tangible answers. Choose something and take a little leap of faith – if it is right for you.

This thought experiment is a result of reading a book by the inspiring Roz Savage who changed her corporate life and became the first woman to solo row three oceans. She was kind enough to interview me about my own adventures and you can listen to the interview by clicking here – does anyone else hate listening to themselves?

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  1. Balachandra 25/12/2014 at 22:23 - Reply

    Would you like to share yours? Love to hear how this exercise helped you.

    • Jamie 31/12/2014 at 15:32 - Reply

      I do a similar exercise to this quite regularly and this is what led me from Korea to Norway and Iceland this year. Right now this exercise might be leading me to Australia.

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