Conversation With a Triple Ocean Rower

To call Roz Savage (MBE FRGS) ‘merely’ a triple ocean rower is an understatement. She is the first woman to row three oceans solo, holds four world records, was nominated as National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2010, and is an active environmental campaigner, spreading the message that we can all make a difference (we CAN all make a difference). Rather than failing to do her justice, I suggest that you look her up: all you need to know from me is that she is a very inspiring person who has done, and continues to do, amazing things. Someone I look up to.

After listening to many of Roz’s Adventure Podcasts, I dropped her a message to say how much I enjoyed them. People who share things online generally appreciate receiving complementary messages to know that they are appreciated: I would say that this, rather than human megalomaniacal tendencies, is the reason that so many blogs exists on the internet today.

After telling Roz how I loved what she was doing, she said:

“I checked out your website. Looks like we should be getting you on the podcast too. Would you be on for that?”

I believe in aiming high, but I know my place. “I’m no record breaker and I am in awe of the people previously on the podcasts,” I replied. This was and still is, entirely true. However, we went ahead and recorded the podcast. I am grateful that Roz took the time to speak with me about my recent adventures (although I had a whole world of questions I would have loved to ask her after reading her latest book). As she so aptly puts it, ‘adventure is a state of mind.’ You do not need mountains of experience (pun intended), oil fields of funding, or to be a super human to have an adventure. You can have an adventure on your own terms, doing something new and exciting for you, no matter how big or how small.

Roz Savage

You can listen to the podcast through Roz’s website by clicking here, or by downloading it from the iTunes store (for free) by clicking here. I also suggest that you take some time to listen to the other podcasts with incredible people who have all done far more incredible things than I. If you like buttons, I also put some clickable buttons for you too. iTunes

We talked about many things, but fear was one of them. I think we both agree that we shouldn’t let fear define us or hold us back. As you can tell by the name of this blog, fear has always been a big thing for me. Funnily enough, talking to someone I admire made me more nervous than I have been for quite a while: it’s not everyday that you get to talk to someone who is an ocean rower and so much more. I chose not to tell Roz this at the time!

The one thing that I do wish I could change is my response to the question about what I have to take with me everywhere. I said my camera. What I should and would have said on most other days, is my notebooks. Wherever I go and whatever I do, all I need is paper and a pen for those moments of inspiration. All great things start from a single idea. Sometimes, it is easy to forget them. So take a notebook with you all day everyday, and every time you have a passing moment of inspiration, write it down. Doing this has changed my life. Oh, and listen to the Adventure Podcast too!

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  1. Steven 28/11/2013 at 11:26 - Reply

    Up and up and onward and onward you go.
    Well done mate, and what a woman!!

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