A thirty-second journey around our sun, but the first spent with my daughter. People always tell you that having children will change your life. And they are right. Instead of taking off for months at a time with my world upon my back, everything now is ‘a little more’ planned and I won’t be hitchhiking for a little while. I loved my adventures and will find more, but the happiness I find from baby laughs and full-face smiles each day are bigger than I could have imagined.

For more than two years I have had a place (actually, several) to call home in Malta. Yet from these homes, despite living on a rather small and heavily-urbanised rock, we still spend as many hours outside as time allows.

jamie savannah

I bought a baby carrier. It is a fantastic creation. We walk hours each week and even took two days to walk the coast of Gozo. Every person who lives in Malta should do this walk at some point. Savannah is an incredibly happy baby most the time, but even happier when strapped to my chest as we walk. I hope this shared happiness continues for many decades over further adventures.

As time marches on, people fade in and out. Family members disappear, precious fingertips touch in passing; fleeting moments shared across generations.

My twenty-five year old cat moved on. I’m grateful she was with us for so long.

In a handful of days I move to one of my favourite parts of Malta; close enough to reach the busy goings-on, but far enough away to ride a bike from the front door and just five minutes walk to the sea. Further ahead there is no set path, but instead of a solo wander, I am excited to live life as a shared adventure with my little adventurer. The world is so very big and there is so very much to see.

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