Dear Savannah: A Letter To My Daughter

Dear Savannah,

Welcome to the Great Big Scary World. I’ve been muddling my way through life for 31 short years of misadventures, and for the most part, I still don’t know what I’m doing. The little that I learnt during this time, I would like to share with you now.

Question everything. Accept truth, reject lies. Just because everyone else is doing something, it doesn’t make it OK.

Try. Try as hard as you can in everything you do. No matter whether you want to knit mittens for stray cats or cure the world from sadness, no goal is too great or too small. But you have to try.

Always tell the truth. This way you never have to remember what you said.

Never forget that you are an individual – as is everyone else on this planet – and you must live life in your own way. With every decision you make, people will tell you what they would do. Listen to their advice, but make decisions for yourself so that fifty years from now you are free from regret and can say, ‘I lived a life true to myself’.

Don’t drink and drive. Always wear a seatbelt.

If you don’t like your life, change it. The grass is not always greener, but do not put up with a life not worth living.

Don’t make choices because they are easy, make them because they are right. If you don’t believe in anything, there is little left to live for. When you were born, your eight year old brother asked what happens to calves when we drink their milk. We told him the truth. He stopped eating animal products in that moment.

Move your feet; You are not a tree. Walk your own path; You are not a sheep.

It’s OK to believe in unicorns. I haven’t found any yet, but I’m still looking.

Have passion. Let it fuel you, drive you, and power you through this world. Be interested in everything. Never stop learning; There is always more to know.

Play music loud!

Know that life isn’t fair. You were born into more love than most people will ever know. Your passports will enable you to visit most of the world. This was chance. On your journey, you will meet good people who suffer and bad people who don’t. Try not to dwell on these things, but instead find pleasure in every little moment. Happiness can be a choice. You will make your own luck.

Don’t cheat. Losing honestly will not leave you hollow.

In this world, we are all alone together. Trust in the inherent good nature of human beings, but walk away from those who cause you harm. Be a person you would want to be friends with and spend precious time with people who make you a better version of yourself. If you clash with someone, take the time to see their point of view before you respond. We are all imperfect beings.

Remove revenge from your dictionary. We shouldn’t hurt anyone.

Chase adventure in this world, but please don’t go to space. It’s cold and dark, and I’d miss you. Stay away from teleportation machines. Life isn’t about shortcuts and you can never be sure you’ll come out the other side.

Sometimes you will be happy, sometimes you will be sad. Relish the highs. Hold tight when life is tough. Know that Everything is going to be OK. Everything is always OK, until it’s not.

Run in the rain. Especially during storms.

Do not be afraid to love – it will hurt, but it’s worth it. Have drunken conversations whilst you’re sober. Honesty and openness builds connections which will make your ghost part of something far bigger and greater than your skeleton can ever be.

Your family will be as flawed as every individual on this planet. Forgive them. They will be there for you; I will be there for you.

We take out of this world what we bring in, but whilst here, we should try to leave it better than we found it; even if only a little.

If you are able to live your life in these ways, you are doing much better than I.

I love you, with all my heart. I always will.

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