Which TEFL Course Should I Do?

If you wish to be an English teacher, the benefits of doing a TEFL course are numerous. However, there are innumerable TEFL courses available on the market today and sometimes the wealth of information bombarded at you may leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed. The first question you must ask yourself is ‘why am I doing a TEFL qualification?’ I believe there to be two answers.

  • You want to become a better English teacher
  • You want to increase your job prospects or salary

Hopefully your desire to study a TEFL course are a combination of both reasons, allowing you to better yourself and the quality of education that you provide to students. I made the ‘Get Qualified to Teach English Infographic’ that you can see here and I advise you do this quick, little test, to consider which teaching qualification would be best for you. I have expanded upon this issue in my Get Qualified to Teach English post where I address major differences between different TEFL, TESOL, and CELTA courses, as well as making course recommendations. However, if you are simply looking for quick recommendations on which TEFL course to do, here are my suggestions.

Get paid to travelTEFL Courses With i-to-i

If you desire to become a better English teacher (whilst also increasing your job prospects and salary), one of my two recommendations is studying a TEFL course with i-to-i.

I recommend i-to-i because they are the largest TEFL course provider in the world, I have several friends who did their courses and were happy with the content, they offer support throughout their courses, and they offer 120 hour courses that will be accepted around the world. As the industry leader, they update course materials regularly, aiming to remain at the top of the TEFL industry, and can even help with job placements (although I would also apply to jobs myself to see what is available). Whilst it is nice to support small organisations, in the case of obtaining a qualification that will affect your employability, I don’t see anything wrong with choosing to use the biggest company in the industry.

TEFL Courses With Global English (10% Discount Code: ‘GBSW’)

Global English’s TEFL courses are comprehensive courses where you are assigned an online tutor who will help guide you through the course. I have looked through the course content and the assessment criteria, and believe the courses to be of a good standard. They offer a range of courses, but I would recommend doing the 120 hour course as a minimum as it will be accepted all over the world. When you checkout at Global English, apply the discount code ‘GBSW’ for a 10% discount. Even if there is a seasonal discount going on, applying this code will give an extra 10% discount (on top of any other discounts) on their courses. Here are some links so that you can chooses the Global English course that is best for you:

Cheap TEFLs

If you desire to increase your job prospects or salary, but you don’t care about the content of the course or becoming a better English teacher, I recommend doing the cheapest 120 hour course possible. As this changes constantly, you will have to look around, but websites such as Groupon offer discount deals on TEFL courses. The reason you should do a 120 hour is course is because employers and immigration officers normally set the level of course acceptability at a 120 hour course. Anything less and they might not accept it. Saying this though, having a 20 hour course is better than having no course at all. Before jumping on these super cheap courses, have a quick read through my posts, A Word of Warning about Cheap TEFLs.

Further Reading

I hope that you have found this information useful and that it helps you kick start your career as an English teacher. Please feel free to comment below with any thoughts or questions that you might have.

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