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What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are links that direct you to other companies products or services. When you go to their site and purchase something, they will pay me a small percentage of the sale without charging you any additional fees. In some instances it may actually result in a discounted price for you, such as when using a discount code.

How Do I Select Products, Services, and Companies That I Recommend?

The only affiliate links that I include on this site are companies that I trust and that I do use, or would be happy using, myself. If the company that I use does not have an affiliate program, but a worse company does, I will still recommend my number one choice. Making money is not the primary goal of this site, but if I can make a little while still genuinely providing useful information and helping people, I see it as a win-win situation. If you disagree, you don’t have to use my affiliate links. However, if you do, I would be grateful.