The Impossibility of Not Having a Pet Cat in South Korea

Tap, tap, tap. Someone is at the door. Maybe I’ll just stay in bed and pretend to be asleep. Tap, tap, tap.

“There is a little cat and he has been meowing all night and he seems so lost and in need of help. Do you want him?”

Currently residing in a typical one bedroom teacher’s studio in South Korea, I definitely do not want a cat. However, I am outvoted.

So here I am, once again, with a cat. Admittedly it’s quite a cute cat, but it does not stop meowing and attacking my legs every time I walk across the apartment.

Rewind two years and I looked after a friend’s cat for a few days, a cat that was no bigger than my hand and was found sick and deserted on the streets. The owner never came back to collect it, thus I had acquired a cat. Is it impossible not to inadvertently inherit cats in this country?! The other cat would wait in hiding for me when I returned from work, then leap out and attack me. It was quite a horror.

The new cat, named Pan (Philip Pullman reference), charges around the apartment, attacking and breaking things. Amusingly, he charged at high speed into the bed, cracked himself in the face, got up, and charged into the table. He has since fallen off several surfaces, doing the best to test his nine lives.

However, Pan is already house trained and knows how to train humans in order to receive food. He even steals food from our bowls. We will be making ‘Missing Cat / Found Cat’ posters soon.

Pan the Stray Cat Eating Breakfast

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