Teaching English in South Korea

Arguably, South Korea is the best country to start teaching English in (if you are interested in teaching in South Korea, please go to the bottom of the page and check the links before emailing me questions: I have spent time compiling all of the many previously asked questions into concise sources of information for the benefit of both you and I).

When I was first starting out, I spent a lot of time researching where I should go to teach English. After finishing University, spending time volunteering in Uganda, working as a ski rep in France, and generally having a great time, I had almost no money. In fact, I had borrowed money and had to pay it back. I had no teaching qualifications and I wanted the best place for TEFL / ESL teaching. I had a very small amount of experience teaching English, but I felt that this experience would help me better than on online English teaching course.

I was right. In Korea, I had my ups and downs. However, I still stand by my decision and feel that it was a good one. If anyone asked me today, where is the best place to start teaching English or where should a first time teacher go to teach English, I would say Korea. It was a stepping stone for me and helped me onto a new path. For many people, it becomes their life. The money is great, working conditions are good, many jobs are available, life is easy, and there are great foreigner communities.

Rather than overloading you with all the information right here, use the links below to learn more about teaching English in South Korea, as well as a little bit about travelling within the country. I even included my own silly video that was only intended for the pleasure of my friends.


In case you’re wondering where exactly I was teaching, it was Daegu, the third biggest city in Korea.

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  1. Michael 09/08/2018 at 01:52 - Reply

    I am interested in teaching English in South Korea. I’m a recent graduate from University of Texas with a BA in English. Is there a cost for certification like with other companies liken to yours?

    • Jamie 20/01/2019 at 22:16 - Reply

      Hi Michael, I don’t offer any certificates. I link to a couple of courses I recommend, but the agencies that help you find jobs I link to are completely free to use. Best of luck.

  2. Kingsley 09/01/2014 at 12:29 - Reply

    I was searching for a programe that we take me to abroad free.then i saw this teach english abroad,like to say am interested in it.but i dont know how to go about it.i mean about the travelling.

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