The Cheapest and Lightest Camping Stove in the World

This idea is genius. In fact, it has changed my whole perception of how to travel long term with regards to food preparation. In double fact, I claim that this is the perfect solution to cooking while on the road because it is lightweight and cheap.

The Beer Can Cookbook CoverLast summer, I decided to cycle across Europe with some friends and for the most part, we skipped for our food. We had two requirements for how to cook our food – we needed a way to cook that was both cheap and light. I stumbled across a beer can stove on Tom’s Bike Trip and then put it into action. It was genius and I can’t recommend it enough.

Leah, one of my wonderful travel companions (who goes by the online name of The Vegetarian Traveller) has now written a recipe / do it yourself guide book, entitled The Beer Can Cook Book (which I think is a fantastic idea). If you are going on a long term trip, I recommend you download and read it – it might just change the way you do things. Best of all, it’s completely free and all recipes are vegetarian – useful when you are on the road and it is warm outside. Click here or the image to go to the download page. Happy reading – happier eating.

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