Explore the Elements

Explore the Elements is a contest that invites bloggers and photographers to showcase the images they’ve captured on their travels. There are four categories (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) and the challenge is to submit photos that capture the essence of each of the elements (check out the rules of the competition here).

For my photos, I have chosen to interpret each element as a part of my past journeys. Here are my photos.


In 2014, my brother and I walked across Iceland. Never before have I battled with such a rugged and barren landscape. During our walk, we encountered miles of nothingness, rain, snow, hail, and relentless wind, all while eating less than 2,000 calories of semi-frozen chocolate bars and uncooked instant noodles each day.

Walking Iceland


Jeju fire festival symbolises rebirth and new hope for the year as they celebrate a new year of harvest. This image shows the harsh conflict of old traditions clashing with modern technology, something that I experienced daily while living in South Korea.

Jeju Fire Festival Phone


In 2013, a group of four of us decided to live out a childhood ambition and become pirates by building our own raft and sailing it down the Danube. For us, it was an expression of freedom and we enjoyed many great days on the raft before finally being stopped by the police in Budapest.

we are pirates of the danube


Trolltunga, meaning Troll’s Tongue, in Norway, is truly breathtaking. Standing on the edge and looking down, there is nothing but air, and the rock stands around seven hundred metres above the lake in the background. It is both calming and exhilarating, and truly feels like the edge of the world. Having to hitchhike there for multiple days, then hike for several hours made it all the more worthwhile.

The End of the World


I would like to invite the following bloggers to participate in this competition. In no particular order:

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  1. Kristin 07/05/2015 at 17:58 - Reply

    Jamie, your honesty and encouragement inspire me so much

  2. kim 14/03/2015 at 12:23 - Reply

    awesome pictures! I hope to go to the Troll’s Tongue as well this summer! 🙂

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