Real-Life Disney Princesses

Sometimes you come across a photo that takes your breath away by capturing a little piece of your imagination that you thought was reserved for the realms of fantasy. I came across several such photos in the form of Ryan Astamendi’s Disney shoot in which he brought female characters to life. Imaginary individuals that I knew from my childhood were suddenly transformed into real people. This transcends a new level of ‘anything is possible.’ Pictures speak louder than words, so for your great viewing pleasure and with kind permission from Ryan, here are the real-life Disney Princesses as well as a few non-princesses. Click a photo to enlarge it. I hope that this makes you smile even half as much as it made me smile.

Jasmine by Ryan Astamendi @ from Aladdin by DisneyBelle from Beauty and the Beast by DisneyBelle by Ryan Astamendi @ by Ryan Astamendi @ by DisneyRapunzel from Tangled by DisneyRapunzel by Ryan Astamendi @ Rabbit by Ryan Astamendi @ Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? by DisneySnow White by DisneySnow White by Ryan Astamendi @ by Ryan Astamendi @ from Peter Pan by DisneyPrincess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty by DisneyPrincess Aurora by Ryan Astamendi @


You can check out Ryan’s portfolio and his other wonderful pictures at: or .

This is not a sponsored post. I found Ryan’s pictures by chance, loved them, then asked for permission to share them with the world. He kindly said yes. Enjoy.

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