We Must Come Together to Make This World Great

I am not confused, I am not shocked, I am not waiting to wait up.. but as a human being, I am deeply, deeply saddened beyond words.

I dream of an inclusive world, irrespective of wealth, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or anything else that can be used to divide people. After all, we are all human beings and none of us chose who we would be born as. To see a man who boasts that he can “Grab [woman] by the pussy”, mocks that he is ‘smart’ because he doesn’t pay federal taxes, and cites climate change as an ‘expensive hoax’ elected to a position of great power, troubles my soul. How can a government look after the less financially fortunate if the rich don’t pay taxes? How can a woman be equal if a man can do awful things without retribution? How can we live in a world if we destroy it? [I am aware of the ‘global warming isn’t happening’ scientific argument and I am open to listen to more, but the environment is something that we must think about seriously.] My heart goes out to every minority (who are not such a minority when considered together) who feel under threat by recent developments.

I now sit on a small rock in the Mediterranean and I am applying to be a resident of this country. My own country (the UK) made a bold decision to abandon a system, that while containing many flaws, aimed to be inclusive of a greater population of the human race. My American is with me and she is doing the same thing. We both feel deeply let down by the countries in which we were born, and in which we grew up. But this isn’t about personal politics because we live in democratic countries and our ‘sides’ – a terrible term – lost their respective votes.

Now that these decisions have been made, how do we move forward, how do we make the world great? For everyone? My major concerns are the environment and human rights – two fundamentals of human existence. Congratulations to Mr. Trump and his supporters – I hope my fears will later prove to have been misplaced. We must now move forward, together. We are stronger together.

A good friend of mine once said, “The greatest crime in life is doing nothing because we fear we can do only little” and it stuck with me. If nobody did anything, the world would not become a safer, greater, happier place. So whoever and wherever you are, we should all do what little we can to make this world a better place to inhabit for the brief time that we are here and for the benefit of future generations.

Y’all did something batshit crazy, but the world is mad, diverse, and complex. I hope, deep within my heart, that we continue to progress as a species.

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