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If you have ever wanted to find a job that offers you the flexibility to work when you want, from anywhere in the world, teaching English online might be the perfect solution. As someone who has worked remotely whilst travelling, this sort of job is something I have looked for in the past and I have been aware of teaching English online for several years. However, I have been unable to find a decent way to do it regularly until last year when I encountered VIP Kid. I looked at quite a few different companies that offer you the opportunity to teach online, but for various reasons that I will outline elsewhere, this is the best company I am yet to discover. I have now teamed up with VIP Kid to help others teach English online and you can apply by clicking here or read on to find out more about teaching English online for VIP Kid.

What Are The Benefits Of Teaching English Online?

  • Flexibility to create your own schedule
  • Location independence
  • $14-22 / hour (which is a lot if you live somewhere cheap)
  • No travel to work time

What Are The Requirements to Teach English Online?

  • Stable internet connection (20+MB/s)
  • Commitment to teach for six months
  • Laptop with camera and headset
  • Bachelor’s Degree

How Do You Start Teaching English Online?

You can register in less than 30 seconds by clicking here – then all of the instructions will be emailed to you. As long as you meet the minimum requirements (listed above), you will then proceed to the next stage and the whole application process looks something like this:

  1. Submission of resume
  2. 1-1 interview or recorded interview
  3. Watch videos to learn about the VIPKID technology, standards and curriculum
  4. Mock class
  5. Sign your contract, upload documents, and complete background check
  6. You are now a VIPKID Teacher!

Check out the VIP Kid website for more information. And good luck!

You can also find out more about teaching English as a second language here. If you don’t currently hold a TEFL qualification, find out which TEFL qualification is best for you here.

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