Summer Holidays

Coming from the UK, summer holidays were a big part of childhood life. When each school term started, we’d count down the weeks until the next vacation period from school, excited for what was coming. Half term meant one week off, Christmas and Easter were two, but the king of all holidays, was the summer holiday. A full six week break from school, of playing at the sports field every day, of being outside, of watching Batman cartoons with breakfast each morning. It was always my highlight of the year.

French city

Exploring a French town as a kid

Often, a typical part of normal life in England (which I haven’t quite worked out yet), is the summer vacation to Europe. When I was a kid, this involved looking through teletext or paper brochure listings to find a week or two of sunshine – something we have in short supply in England. Nowadays it is a quick internet search and flights can be booked in minutes.

Unlike Americans who go on Caribbean holidays and soak up the Central American sun, the target for the Brits is most commonly Spain and France. With the cost of flights falling (one way flights to 15 destinations in Spain now cost under £30), this is becoming increasingly more popular. And I love that excitement – searching random destinations when you want to book flights, not knowing what will be waiting for you in each destination. It makes me start dreaming up all sorts of weird and wonderful possibilities about the trip ahead.

Almost without fail, I went to France for every year of my childhood, largely because we could avoid aeroplanes (maybe this is why I don’t like them) and spent a week or two at the beach. For the first time since I was a teenager, I am returning to France for four days in the sunshine with my family. We’ll be walking through the same forests where we dug up grape vines nearly two decades ago – grape vines that now dominate our garden in the UK and allow us to make our own wine. After six months of living in South Korea, I look forward to good food and good wine. Already in the UK I am indulging in blue cheese, pesto, and blackcurrant squash during my four days here.

French village

Exploring a French hamlet as a kid

After my brief family forays in the UK and France, I head to Norway, then Iceland. Iceland needs quite a bit of planning. Planing such as what should I wear, what should I take, and are there any settlements within the centre of Iceland? How much food do I need to carry so that I don’t starve? If I don’t plan any of this, nevermind because the flights are booked and I am going anyway. I expect it to be beautiful.

Last week I watched a movie that captured my imagination. It’s name is The Kings of Summer and after watching this, I am contemplating what it would be like to actually go into the forest and try to build a home. Is it possible..?

Of course it is. You just have to have a go. Enjoy this trailer and get inspired to do something amazing this summer.

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