Static Life On A Small Rock

For seven months now, I have continuously lived in a single building on a small rock in the Mediterranean. Every Monday, I get up before eight in the morning, ride a bike – or the bus – to work, then fill my evenings with playing sport, swimming in the sea, socialising, or a combination of all three. I then do the same thing for the four days that follow. At the weekends I try to spend as much time outside as possible. I have ten pet rabbits. Aside from the excessive quantity of rabbits – the male and female are now separated – it is a rather conventional, normal life. And my quality of life is high.

Before I came to this rock – Malta – I had not lived in a single structure for this long for more than seven years. In recent times, I didn’t even pay for accommodation for more than four years. I didn’t have a ‘normal’ life, whatever that is.

When I started to write on Great Big Scary World, I was hitchhiking through Europe, living in my tent. I had a lot to say. More importantly, I had time to say it. I thought settling in a place for a while would give me more time to share, but over the past few months I have found myself with less time than I thought possible. I go to work with my backpack, full of whatever I need for the evening, often not returning until it’s time to sleep. Frequently I don’t open my computer for days at a time. When I do, I have other priorities, relating to work I do for a family business. Because of this, I haven’t shared here for quite some time.

I believe that it is the will, not the time, that is lacking in most instances of inactivity in life. This is true of me now. I have time, but I choose to spend it in other ways. And then I’m surprised when it is all gone. I thought static life would present me with more time than I had ever had before.

I spent these past few days in England. It was a lovely trip, relaxed and spent with family. It made me remember to make more time for things in life that I value. Whether living the roaming life of a nomad or the static life of a conventional individual, we should all make time for things in life that we value. I think I will start playing with some videos again. And I’m going to walk all the way around the coast of Malta, just because I can.

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