Pre-Read My ‘Book’

Books are tangible things that you can hold in your hands. This is not. This story will be purely digital.

After many long hours of hitting keys, my latest creation is nearing completion. Currently it is a 90,000 word manuscript, making it longer than the first Harry Potter but shorter than the Hobbit. Unfortunately it is infinitely less interesting than both.

This is the true story of my search for freedom and adventure by quitting my job and leaving my home to head out into the world with nothing but my backpack and dreams of the open road. It is loosely based around some of the blog posts that you may have read, but it offers much more honesty and insight to my adventure, skipping many of the insignificant details about exactly what happened on a day to day basis (it’s not a diary).

This story is not a literary masterpiece. It’s an honest account of one individual’s adventure. My adventure. I want to share this story in it’s best possible form with people who will take an interest in it. But I don’t want the pureness of my thoughts to be adulterated. For this reason, I will not have it professionally edited. Instead, I ask for volunteers (you) to proof read and suggest improvements.

If you are interested in doing so, please email me. All I ask is that you read the story within the next couple of weeks and give me feedback. In exchange, I will offer you the story now and you will help to shape it. No more, no less.

I need only 5-10 people to read it so please, if you are interested, contact me and tell me:

-Why you want to read it

-What you expect from it

-How long you think it will take you to read it

I promise to get back to you within a couple of days.

PS, I’m thinking of titling it, “I, Vagabond.” Good or no? Please be honest. I need you to be.


Thank-you for all the wonderful responses to this appeal for help. I was overwhelmed by the unexpectedly high number of people who said that they were willing to help out. I will be contacting you all before the end of the week and will distribute the book on Friday or Saturday to get your thoughts and hope to have a final version available sometime in early June.

And it seems like I need to change the name. More on this later.


Re-writing the whole thing. Aiming for early release early 2014. Got to try and do it properly right? Other adventures got in the way.

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