‘One Second Movie’ Director Challenge

Have you ever wanted to create / star in your own little movie? Why not do it now?

I know almost nothing about video creation, except that it is fun to try. So here is a challenge for you:

Make a movie that uses no more than 100 clips of one second or less in length.

Then upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and send me a link to the video or post it in the comments section below. I will then share your video. This challenge needs to take you no more than an hour (less than watching a ‘real’ movie) although you can spend more time on it if you want.

To take part in this challenge, grab a camera (it doesn’t have to be a good one) and walk around, recording some footage. It doesn’t matter if you decide to record your goldfish, your grandmother, or scenes from where you live. You can tell a story or you can tell nothing at all. If you like, you can even record people talking and cut the scenes together to make them say something completely different from what they originally intended. Make anything (or be like all the great artists and find something you like, then copy it, but better).

If you have never played with video before, don’t worry. On Macs you have iMovie and on Windows you have Windows Movie Maker. Both of these programs come pre-installed and are quite capable of completing this challenge. There are numerous tutorial videos on Youtube to show you how to operate both programs.

This is not a competition and there is not a winner. It’s simply a fun little challenge and experience to make your day a little more interesting. So get up off the sofa and stop watching TV / browsing the internet, and go create something.

Here is a one second movie I made in Istanbul (which exceeds the one hundred shot rule). I made this video on a normal day when walking to the market and home again, then cut it together later that same evening. The whole process took very little time at all. I called this movie, ‘Istanbul One.’ I did it because someone set me the challenge to make a one second movie and I quite enjoyed it, so pass the challenge on to you.

If you want free music that you can use anywhere on the web, check out ccMixter, Free Music Archive, or Josh Woodward.

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