My Grandmother is 95 and Still Writing Books


My Grandmother

To you who thinks that you are too old, I challenge you to think again. At the age of 95, my grandmother is having her first book republished and is working on a second. It is fifty-two years since Vain Shadow was originally published and at the time, it made quite a stir in my family, several of her brothers choosing not to speak to her for many years after its publication.

However, it is not only writing that she does. Among many other things, she still runs a business. Did I mention that she is 95? Last year I decided to publish my own book, The Boy Who Was Afraid of the World, and I too am working on a second book. I am grateful to my grandmother for the inspiration.

So no matter if you are 95 or 15, age should not define what we can or cannot do in life. If you want to do something, start doing it today or you might still be regretting not doing it many years from now.

Featured image by Ian Burt, EDP Norfolk Magazine, which tells an interesting tale of my grandmother and the book.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, you may do so on Amazon or direct from the publisher.

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  1. Sue 28/10/2015 at 17:19 - Reply

    I am inspired by you and your grandmother. I am getting ready at almost 60 to live my soul self life by teaching abroad. I am going to be starting a blog for women and their relationships with life and food. I think living in another country is really really want I want and have relationships and their families, and staff is a great way. I am all about recreating myself. My question is do you think my age is going to hinder my opportunities in South Korea? I have a bachelors and 1 and 3/4 masters. I know teaching is just part of your story but I am so inspired by you would would love your feedback…where can I get you grandmas book?

    • Jamie 01/11/2015 at 20:33 - Reply

      That sounds like a great idea, I wish you the best of luck, Sue. As for your question, I honestly have no idea about whether or not age will hinder your application. I think you should simply start applying and see what happens. This page about how to get a job in Korea might help. My grandmother’s book is called Vain Shadow and she published it under the name Jane Hervey – you can get it from Amazon I think.

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