How I Can Help You Find Jobs Across Europe

I currently work with two international recruitment agencies that help EU citizens find jobs across Europe. The service they offer is highly personal and they will go to great lengths to ensure that they make a placement that suits both candidates and clients, forming long term, mutually beneficial relationships. Many of these jobs offer individuals the opportunity to live in a new part of the world, and working overseas is one of the ways I have been able to see so much of the world over the past decade. Both companies have many entry level positions available that offer excellent career opportunities for candidates who are willing to work hard, be proactive, and build a career. I have loved my many years of life on the road, taking many different jobs, but I do sometimes wish that I had focussed on a particular skillset, allowing me to make more money in a better job when I have needed to work – this way I would be able to travel even more. This is what you have the opportunity to do here.

The two companies I work with have many different types of jobs available, but the highest volume of positions are available to individuals who speak European languages fluently (other than English, ideally) and who are looking to build a career from the ground up. Whilst the roles are based in fifteen different countries, many are located in Malta, Greece, Czech Republic, and Portugal – Four countries which I believe offer a high quality of work-life balance. The entry level positions often involve some form of customer support, but offer hard working individuals the chance to progress quickly if they demonstrate initiative and a willingness to learn.

As mentioned, these jobs are not throwaway holiday jobs – they are opportunities to build a career and travel the world. You can have a lot of fun (I am), but you also have to work hard. Work hard, play hard, if you know what I mean.

If living in a new part of the world and earning decent money with the opportunity for career progression sound like something you would be interested in, upload your CV below (doesn’t need to be high quality). I will get back to you and if everything looks good, I will pass you on to the recruiters I work with. I cannot promise to pass on every CV and I cannot promise everyone a job, but if you genuinely want this opportunity and have the right mindset, it is here for you to take advantage of. I look forward to hearing from you.

[Note: The highest volume of jobs are available to fluent language speakers (German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, and a few others) who are willing to relocate to a new part of Europe, and are currently allowed to work legally in the EU].

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