How Far Could You Push Yourself? Probably Not This Far

We all have a limit, but some people are able to push themselves further than anyone else whilst others choose to remain firmly in their comfort zone. It seems a combination of how far you are able to physically push yourself and how far you are willing to push yourself.

Often, I have heard the words, “I can’t…” / “it isn’t possible for me to…” / “I’d like to but…”

I find all of these sentences somewhat frustrating. There are cases when someone is not physically able to do something and that is quite fine, but most barriers that stop people are purely mental barriers. Hitchhiking Europe taught me this: instead of saying, “I can’t,” I was forced to say, “I can,” and to find a solution to whatever problem I encountered.

In the video above, James Kingston climbs a crane in Southampton and hangs from it one handed. I find it quite mind blowing that he is able to push himself to a level that most others would not dare. Would I ever be tempted to try such a thing? No. I could climb the crane, I could walk out across it, I could even hang one handed: but I don’t have the guts to do it at several hundred feet off the ground. Here I am limited not physically, but mentally. However, it is videos like these and stories of others that inspire me and make me want to push myself further… to do more. Every new adventure offers something different and it is not necessary to put yourself in imminent danger to have an adventure (although it often helps) – you simply need a little bit of imagination.

How far could you push yourself? Do you want to? For most things in life (crane climbing excluded), what you don’t think you could do, is entirely possible – if you want it enough.

Do not attempt to replicate James’ stunts.

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