Goodbye England 2013, Hello Korea 2014

Despite never thinking I would return to South Korea, here I sit at Gatwick Airport, ticket in hand, preparing to return to the country I left a year and a half ago for what I believed was the final time.

My new home for the upcoming few weeks will be 제주도, Jeju Island.

This time around, I will make the effort to explore the wilderness and spend time with the friendly locals. I am excited.

The only thing that really troubles me right now, is that I will be taking three flights during the upcoming few days. I do not like flying. Other than that, ten hours of bus riding, an hour or two on the metro, and I’m there: I regret that I will not be walking / cycling / travelling on land by natural means, but once in Asia, I wish to explore the slow way.

Goodbye England, Christmas was wonderful. Hello Korea, I am looking forward to seeing you again.

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  1. L 13/02/2014 at 00:34 - Reply

    Glad you’re willing to give Korea another chance! Jeju is a really beautiful place, I hope this time around your stay will be more enjoyable! Xx Good luck

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