Go Big Or Go Home

When I was a child, I loved animals and was excited to go new places in the world. I read a story about a ‘flying vet’, a pilot-veterinarian who flies all over Africa to treat many of Africa’s big animals and I wanted to be just like him. Before that, I wanted to grow up to be Batman.

Life moves in curious ways and many years later I found myself pursuing different things in life. After eight wonderful years of moving around the world, and working in various places, I found my way to Malta where I decided to try the ‘real job in an office’ thing to see how it worked out. After eight months, I felt that I needed more and I stepped away from my position a couple of weeks ago.

There is comfort in having a secure job – knowing that you go to a place, you get paid a certain amount of money, and the same thing will continue to happen each day – but I always liked to take a risk in life, knowing that the biggest rewards come from the biggest risks and a sedentary life bores me. Starting now, I will try to build something that makes me excited to wake up each morning and something I feel passionate about. I’ll be here more, on this site, and I’ll be making other things around the internet – sometimes for myself, sometimes for others. It’s a risk, but I feel that the potential positive outcomes outweigh the potential negative outcomes.

I suppose this is going big… as ‘going home’ would be a van that doesn’t currently have a working battery. Simultaneously this is exciting and scary, but whatever goes on from here, I’ll be able to know that I tried something… whatever that may be.

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