Fear is a Little Pink Ghost

Fear is a little pink ghost that has the ability to change into any form more terrifying than your worst nightmares could even dream up. He can cripple you, taking everything. When he is around, you are falling constantly, a bottomless journey of no end. You have three choices of how you can deal with this little pink ghost. Firstly, you can run and you can hide. He will always be chasing you, he will always be looking for you. One day he will find you. Secondly, you can punch him in the face. Fear roars at you, you roar right back. It is a simple matter of who roars loudest. And lastly, you can embrace him and you can hold his hand. You walk with fear and you accept him for the little pink ghost that he is, always knowing that he is there, but keeping him in your sight.

The Boy Who Was Afraid of the World Front CoverWe are all afraid of something. Even the people who seem to be fearless – they just learn to manage their fear better than others – if someone tells you that they have never been afraid, they are probably lying because feeling fear is part of biology for both humans and animals. The above quote is an excerpt from my book, The Boy Who Was Afraid of the World (available on Amazon), and it is one way that I learnt to conceptualise fear so that it doesn’t overcome me. In this true story, I tell the tale of giving up my job to hitchhike through Europe with no plans, living from one day to the next – and talk openly of the emotional rollercoaster that inevitably occurs. As a child who was afraid of everything, this was a canyon leap for me. Yet I loved it.

Rather than pretending I wasn’t afraid, I learnt to deal with my fears, my little pink ghost. Each of us can learn to do this in a different way.

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