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If you have ever wanted to have your own adventure in life, but not done it because you are too comfortable with your comfortable life, this might be the kick up the bum that you need. If you are comfortable with a comfortable life, stop reading now – this is not for you. This interview with Benjamin is taken from The Avant-Garde Life, a free publication (that you can download by clicking here) intended to help you have your own adventure. This specific chapter addresses the issue of ‘my life is too comfortable’ as an excuse for not ‘putting yourself out there’ – aiming for something that you truly desire. If you feel that your life is very comfortable, but you want a kick up the bum to do more, I hope Benjamin can give you that inspiration. 

I took a few moments with Benjamin Jenks of Adventure Sauce to ask him about his own life. While hitchhiking through the US, he took pictures of himself and made a video which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on the internet because it captured people’s imagination. This is how I first came across him. He is not living a ‘comfortable life.’

So Benjamin, what are you doing in life right now?
“I write, and make videos and other stuff for Adventure Sauce. I like helping thoughtful people get more out of their life.”

What was your life like before this?
“Well, 3 and a half years ago, I was the director of an ‘outdoor therapeutic school for at-risk teens.’ Basically I helped ‘bad’ kids improve their lives in the forests of Virginia. It was pretty intense.”

Do you have any regrets and would you ever go back?
“I do have regrets. I wish I would have built up an artistic business starting as a boy. Art just never seemed like a viable option. I’m regretful that I didn’t go for it until the last few years.”

What’s great about how you live now?
“I’m almost as free as I could be. I take jobs I like. I live where I want. And I can head somewhere new when I want.”

How do you support yourself?
“I’m a coach, helping people find purpose and confidence. I run a course about taking Action (not procrastinating) and making popular videos too. And I write freelance articles… mostly about dating.”

What do you see for yourself in the future?
“Travel around the USA. Meet radical people. Travel around the world. Meet radical people. AND make videos that a lot of people love or hate.”

Anything else that you think lovely people should know?
“People are pretty solid, so if you turn your focus to the people around you… they are going to do a lot of cool stuff with you.”

Visit Adventure Sauce for more from Benjamin. He has plenty of motivational words to share that will help spice up your life, as well as videos that will both entertain and inspire you.

If you found this topic interesting, download The Avant-Garde Life, where this interview was first published. It’s free (my favourite price), so you have nothing to lose.

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