A Mix Tape for February

Gone are the days when we used to get cassettes and slowly, painfully record bits of music, trying to avoid the start of the next song or the radio host’s voice. That was when mix tapes were worth giving.

Nowadays, I can copy 10,000 songs onto your hardrive in a matter of seconds.

Instead of doing that, here is a playlist of five songs for February (you can play them all individually below).

Or play the songs individually.

“Even Though I’m a Woman” by Seeker Lover Keeper. A song about missing someone. And being in love with missing them. “Photosynthesis” by Frank Turner Because who wants to grow up? “Ice Cream” (Acoustic Triple J Version) by Muscles Ice cream is gonna save the day again. If you pump this up to full volume on your speakers, you cannot feel bad. This might be one of the best songs of all time. “I Am Not a Robot” by Mariana and the Diamonds I am not. A. Robot. “Pumped Up Kicks” by Owl Eyes

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