‘Pedal’ is the brilliant short film created by Emily Dobbins-Dale using footage shot during our 1,600 km bicycle ride from the UK to Slovakia on £30 bicycles. The video features myself, Leah, Daniel, and Elliot (my brother who walked across Iceland with me). It is part one of a three part series that has now been screened on UK television. You can also watch part two, Paddle (pirates of the Danube), and part three, Separate Tracks (hitchhiking Eastern Europe and parting ways).

I am eternally grateful (and envious) of such creative skills.

Please take a few moments to watch the movie and if you like it, share it with the world (Vimeo ‘like’).

Could you cycle 1,600 km on an old bicycle? Yes you could. All of you. If you want to.

If you would like to get in contact with Emily and her brilliant video skills, you email her at, follow / contact her through Twitter: emd_d, or check out her website, Emily Dobbins-Dale dot com.

The music was created by Josh Woodward.

Thank-you Emily, you superstar.

The video above on Youtube was initially uploaded on Vimeo.


  • Beautiful! Reminded me of this – in Latvian it is called “Velomūzika” or Cycling-music (velosipēds in Latvian is bicycle).

    It is a Latvian musician who joined by other musicians and poets went on a bicycle journey around the countrysides to play in random places for everyone who was ready to listen (even just a couple of people came) as well as to take anyone who wanted to join their journey. He is also expressing a lot of common things you did and pretty much I guess it is always about the freedom. Too bad the subtitles are not available but I guess the idea is clear. Good luck in the rest of journey, it is great to follow!


    • It looked like an interesting project. I started to watch the video, but sadly I (of course) became confused by all the Latvian.

  • Fantastic video! You all look as though you’re having the best adventure ever 🙂
    My look of envy will increase every hour whilst I’m at work!

  • Great creative video! Well done! I’m sure you will inspire many to do the same and take advantage of every day.

  • Hey, who do you think you are Jack Kerouac?! You lot are becoming uber cool-seriously, your story is inspirational and the kids are gonna be over the moon you used Josh Woodward.

    I’m not exaggerating, I honestly think there will a blockbuster made about you; now who to star in it….?

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