Donkey Van Conversion

I am converting a van – A Renault Master 2008 to be specific. Its inherited name is Donkey as it has been a neglected work horse for the past decade. The outside is a beaten up, battered shell, but I plan on making the inside into a cosy home.

At the start of the conversion, it looked like this:

Donkey Van Conversion - Meet My Donkey 09
Donkey Van Conversion - Meet My Donkey 07

Get live photo updates on Instagram and Facebook, and video updates (less regular) on my Youtube channel. Below is a little taste of what is going on (pulled from my Instagram feed). Check out the logged progress below that (with videos)…

1. Meet the Donkey – an introduction to my vehicle

Donkey Van Conversion - Meet My Donkey 17

2. Cleaning the Beast – it was very dirty


3. A Mobile Yoga Studio? – how we built the floor


4. Lights, Camera, Walls and Ceiling – how we clad the van and put in electrics

5. Our Home On Wheels – furniture construction, painting, and finishing touches