How Much Will I Get Paid and How Much Can I Save When Teaching English Abroad?

A simple question with a less simple answer. For example, salaries are affected by your experience, your teaching qualifications, and location within a country (to name but a few factors).

Although spending habits contribute to expenditure, and experience, qualifications, and luck contribute to income, I have compiled a loose collection of salaries and saving potential across Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. You can view or download the .pdf document for free by using the link below. If you have any problems with viewing this file, please let me know.

Note: Once you have clicked the link, it will open the file in your browser. If you wish to save the document on your computer for future reference, cmd-click / right-click and select the save option.

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If you are looking for more teaching advice, please go to the how to teach English abroad page.

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