Travel Hacking (Free Travel) for Americans

I get asked a lot of questions about how to travel the world without much money and if it really is possible. Yes, it definitely is. In fact, you can travel the world for free if you really like (although that is rather extreme). I have had many very cheap journeys in the past, such as my nine day microadventure which cost around £2 per day: set your own budget.

However, advice on how to travel is not a major focus of this site (it’s not a travel blog) and I prefer to write about my adventures and chasing your own dreams, however impossible they might seem.

For those of you who are interested in ‘Travel Hacking,’ travelling for cheap / free, I will point you in the direction of (in my opinion), the most successful travel blogger in the world. One of his books helped me learn everything I needed to know about how to build a website so I am happy to share his latest creation with you. His new book is titled, The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking. It is particularly suited to Americans and Canadians, although not so useful for others.

The book concerns reducing your travel costs in many different ways and in the past, I have always found his resources to be wonderfully useful. However, my lifestyle choices have now changed and this is a great book for people who want ‘to travel,’ but not for those who want to live an unorthodox lifestyle (although you could read The Avant-Garde Life which is free).

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking won’t help you to cycle across a continent or raft the Danube, but it will help you ‘to travel’ for less money and that is a great first step. Click here (or the image below) to find out more about Matt’s new book, The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking.


Please note, the above link is an affiliate link. This means that I will be paid a percentage of the book sale. I couldn’t not tell you that, could I? However, it does further support this site if you do buy it, but only purchase it after reading the description and seeing if it is appropriate for your lifestyle. While I think it is a great resource and I am happy to share it for the benefit of others, the information in it is not so appropriate to the lifestyle that I have chosen to follow.

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