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Separate Tracks

This is the third and final episode in a three part series by Emily Dobbins-Dale, documenting my hitchhiking journey from Hungary through Poland, Ukraine,…

Beach at Dawn

Is This The Perfect Bike Ride?

After attempting (and failing) to ride from Mokpo to Busan, I was fairly convinced that cycling in South Korea was entirely unpleasant. However, this…

Peak of a Mountain

The Treacherous Ride to Japan

As I cycle out of Seogwipo, I’m desperately excited. For the past three months, I’ve been writing paid articles, making websites, and working on…

Jeju Fire Festival (Field Burning Festival) 2014

Jeju Fire Festival 2014

Officially named Jeju Field Burning Festival, this was every pyromaniac’s fantasy: large volumes of fireworks being launched into the air, followed by setting a…

Daegu Mountains

Daegu, Two Years On

When I left Daegu nearly two years ago, I was fairly sure that I would never go back. In fact, I highly doubted that…

Big Adventures