Where and When Should You Do a Ski Season?

Welcome to part 3 of a guide to working a ski season.

Location, location, location. Where you do a ski season can make or break your experience.

Seasons in the Northern hemisphere run from around November or December until May or June. Seasons in the Southern hemisphere run from around June until October. Wherever you are applying to, consider making your applications a few months before the ski season starts.

It’s hard to compare different ski areas around the world as each individual is looking for something different. Check the individual resort that you are considering working in and think about the following criteria for each of your requirements. There are just too many ski resorts in the world to compare every single one (according to certain sources, Africa has at least seven).

Slope level. Are you a beginner or do you love to shred powder? Do you need a park to show some tricks or would you be more comfortable with a magic carpet to gently carry you up the slopes?

Number of runs. Are you going to get bored in a small resort?

Flats. Do you like to snowboard? Snowboards don’t like flat land.

Après-ski. Do you like to party?

Living on the mountain. Is your accommodation on or off the mountain

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