Series: Why Don’t You Get a Real Job?

/Series: Why Don’t You Get a Real Job?
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Many people are now choosing to live their life in a ‘non-conformist’ way. Here, we address the question of why people choose not to get a real job by posing the question to several long term travellers.

Because I choose not to by Jamie (me) of

Because we are so damn happy by Gabi Klaf of The Nomadic

Because I don’t want to wait for retirement to live this dream by Paula Londe of

Because we’re just too busy pursuing what we love by Casey Siemasko of

Because the one I’ve got Is so much more fulfilling by Charli Moore of

Because I’m doing exactly what I want, when I want, for how long I want by Steven Moore of

What the Hell is Wrong With You? Nothing by Joe Platt of


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