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If you are an individual interested in writing content or guest posting on this site, you are in the right place. If you are a company wishing to promote your products or services, I am not welcoming to adverts on this site.

What is this site? This site is intended to inspire people to have an adventure in life, overcoming all barriers, be they mental, physical, or financial.

Most commonly, guest posts I accept (in descending order) are either:

  • Inspirational stories / ideas that will make other people want to follow their dreams and experience the world.
  • Useful advice about adventure, travelling without money, or topics heavily related to ideas addressed on this site (do not be offended it I turn your advice suggestion down – it may be an awesome article, but it may not fit this site).

I do not accept top tens or conventional / budget travel advice. I may not have a word to define it, but this is not really a travel blog. Please take a look around the site and if you think that you can write something that would be of interest to my readers, I would be happy to hear from you. I like pictures and I like videos. If it is is an opinion piece, controversy is great too. If you know about luxury travel, expensive hotels, and cruises, you are on the wrong site. I don’t want this information here but someone else will. Please contact them instead. If you write a piece for me, I will include a bio with a link back to your site to help share the audience and promote your site. If you would like an additional link, I will also allow two or three links in the body of the article. When submitting a piece, please:

  • Introduce yourself, your site, and tell me why you want to post content on this site
  • Do not send me the whole piece; tell me the title and briefly outline the article
  • Wait for a reply; I will respond with an answer to all messages whether or not I am interested in your article (bare in mind I sometimes don’t access the internet for many days or weeks)
  • When the piece is approved, I would appreciate it if you could send me the complete piece in html (including images); I don’t have a huge amount of time for editing
  • Please enter the subject of your message as “Guest Post: TITLE OF ARTICLE”

If you do not do the above, please forgive me if I don’t reply – for my time, I ask for a little of yours. When submitting travel / adventure stories or inspirational pieces, please aim for 500-1200 words with several pictures. If submitting a video or picture article, an introduction will suffice (plus captions for the pictures). Apart from that, go nuts, be outrageous and have strong opinions. It’s what people like.

Please do not be offended if I do not accept your guest post proposal. It doesn’t mean I don’t like your writing, it simply means that it doesn’t fit my site or I am too busy to deal with it at the time you contact me.