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Days of skiing and nights of partying. Waking up under blue skies and falling asleep atop beautiful mountains. It seems like you have it all on a ski season. Working a ski season, as many people will tell you, is one of the most memorable and wonderful experiences of their lives. It’s why so many people intend to ‘work a season,’ then end up coming back time and time again, drawn by the lure of the mountains.

It isn’t a a free ride on a ski season however. If you are expecting to live on the mountain, expect to work hard and play hard. When the season is over, you might find yourself needing a break from the intense lifestyle that you’ve been living. Typical jobs in a ski resort involve getting up early to work for a few hours, skiing through the day, coming back to work in the afternoon / evening, then going out at night to the bars.

If this sounds like a great lifestyle to you (like it is to many people), then keep reading. The following four part guide will help to get you shredding powder on the mountain, having the time of your life, and meeting people that you will remember forever.

Part 1. What are the Typical Benefits and Drawbacks of Working a Ski Season?

To know whether or not a ski season is for you, it’s important to consider all the positives and negatives of working on the mountain before you make a commitment. This page helps to outline these for you.

Part 2. Which Job Should I have in a Ski Resort?

What position you hold within a ski resort can make or break your experience. Dependent upon your desire to ski, party, or just chill out, you must choose the appropriate job to get the most out of your time on the mountain. This post highlights the great and not so great parts of each job.

Part 3. Where and When Should I Do a Ski Season?

For a start, you can only do a ski season when there’s snow. Find out about different locations across the world in which you can ski and when there ski seasons run.

Part 4. Where Can I Find a Ski Job?

If you still haven’t been put off working on the mountain and you can’t wait to get out there, it’s time to find a job. This post offers advice on how to find a job.

If you feel that this page or any of the posts are missing something and could be improved, please send me a message or comment on the specific information in question so that I can improve it.


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